Bedlam Sanctuary

Welcome to Bedlam Sanctuary!  My name is Jo and I am a PDA autistic.  I also have an autistic husband and autistic son.  I am a passionate advocate for autistic rights and my dream is to help to shape this wonderful world into one where both neurotypicals and neurodiverse can thrive.


Go on, take a moment to put your feet up and have a read of some of my articles; you've earned the break!


The Anxiety Demon

Want to learn more about how anxiety affects autistics?  Press the button below to read the full article

Failings of the UK Mental Health System

This article looks at how the mental health system in the UK is failing autistic women; especially those who are either un-diagnosed or self-diagnosed.


Sensory Survival - Living with hypersensitivity, overwhelm and meltdowns

This is a first person perspective on living with sensory hypersensitivity, overwhelm and meltdowns, as well as techniques and tools to help prevent them and how to reduce them when they hit.   


20 Top Tips to Raising an Autistic Child

20 tips that look at different aspects of ASD and help you to both understand your child and support them.