• Sara Jane

An Actually Autistic Outlook

This has been in the works for months - maybe even year - and I've come to the conclusion that the harder I try, the more I mask. Then this turns into this crazy mess of an article that sounds more like the rants and raves of a drunk. So instead of masking, I'll start this out with a simple introduction to what it means to be me.

My name is Sara (without an H) and I was diagnosed when I was in 1st Grade in elementary school. At that point, my parents were given the choice to place me in classes for children with special needs, or to place me with children who were smarter than the average children in my grade. They opted for the smart kid classes, and so I embarked on an adventure, pretending to be "normal."

As most would agree, "normal" is entirely subjective, so it was a complex undertaking, to say the least. Every time we would move, I'd find myself in an entirely new "normal" that I'd have to find a way to fit in with. While challenging - and I'm always up for a challenge - it was also exhausting, resulting in trying and complex relationships that were not sustainable.

After many problems, relationships with manipulative psychopaths, some terrible loss, and etc. I have finally found myself in a healthy and happy situation. I've found what I believe is my purpose and my place in this world:

An Actually Autistic Advocate

It's my goal to advocate for us, the underrepresented, Actually Autistic adults on the spectrum and our children, who will soon find themselves here, with little to no assistance or support. There are so many "cures" and "rehabs" for us that are causing more harm than good, and I want to bring all of that to an end. We are not disabled. We are not "challenged" or "special."

We are #actuallyautistic

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