A. L. Reynolds


A. L. Reynolds is an essential part of the team, and has been with OddlyAutistic for some time now. As an Actualy Autistic author and literary enthusiast, she contributes autistic book reviews, as well as gracing us with her amazing talent with her personal works.
Check out her amazing books here:
Of The Ninth Verse     The Myth Of Wings

Drift (Collected Poems)


Sara Jane
aka OddFiction


I have many special interest, some of which, I have had training or studied for. None of which, I have stuck with past a year. That, of course, excludes parenting, my relationship, or my day job. One constant has been creation. Whether it is creation of a story, of art, or memories. Creation is a skill that is constantly taken for granted, and it had been the one foolproof way for me to express what is going on inside this crazy active, autistic brain of mine. That is what has inspired the creation of this website. I wanted to gather similar creative minds - autistic people who have lived their lives expressing their thoughts and shedding a bit of light on this Neurotypical world.

Jo Richardson

Actually Autistic Lifestyle and Parenting Writer

Since joining OddlyAutistic, Jo has played a crucial role in creating articles that are both informative and supportive for the Neurodivergent and Neurotypical populations alike.